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Profile of Mr Travers-Murison

James Travers-Murison

Founder of the Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension

LLB. BA. (Monash) Dip. FTW&P (Aus. Coll. Journ.) Grad. Dip. Ed. (Aus. Cath. Univ.) Cert. IV Small Bus. Manag. (ACT) YTTC 200 (India)

Mobile Phone number: +61 457 414 301


1. CV data analytics


1969-70  Glamorgan

1971-75 Trinity Grammar

1976-81 Melbourne Grammar

1982 - 1987 Monash University Melbourne
Law Degree
Tax law – distinction
Arts Degree
Major - Colonial American and Asian History; Vietnam - high credit
Minor - Psychology; 109 – high distinction
Sub-minor - Accounting and Ecostatistics

1988 Sly and Weigal internal professional legal training
1989 Swinbourne TAFE, Melbourne
Small Business Bookkeeping Course
1990-1991 KPMG, London UK
Institute of Taxation Diploma (incomplete)
1992-now Tibetan Buddhism, Mcleod Ganj, Chenrezig, Tara, Atisha centres and monasteries in India, Australia and Ireland
Meditation Courses, Thanka Painting Courses, FengShui Courses and teachings
1992 Rainbow Healing Camp - Bristol, UK
Holistic Massage Training

1993-2005 Osho Multiversity - Puna, India
Reconnecting Inner Child Course
Breath work Courses
Primal Deconditioning Course
Tantric Sex Course
Colourpuncture Therapy Training
Tibetan Pulsing Course
Mystic Rose Meditation Course

Lessons in Yoga, Modern Dance, Sufi whirling, Tai Chi, and Aikido
Creative Painting - water colour and acrylic
Massage deep tissue rebalancing and Reiki
White Robe lectures in Eastern religion and philosophy

1993-2015 Sivananda Devananda Ashram, Trivandrum and Uttarkashi, India
Yoga lessons 7 weeks

1993-2011 Goenke Ashrams, Pomona, Blackheath, Nepal, Jaipur
Vipassana Meditation Courses many

1993-now Iyengar Yoga classes, India, Melbourne, Cairns
Teachers: Knoff, Shimon, Jacki, Iyengar

1994-now Guitar and singing, writing music - self taught
Fender Accoustic and Admira Irene Spanish Classical

1995-now Hare Krisna Ashrams and Centres, India, Australia, NZ
Chanting, singing, kirtan, pujas, bhakti, Bhagavad Gita lessons

1995-now 7th Day Adventists, Kin Kin, Kyogle, Gosford, Melbourne
Retreat cleanses, rawfood cleanses, prayer and bible lessons

1996-now Assembly of God and Life Church, TSI, Richmond, Bendigo, Canberra, Grafton
Bible studies and services

1996 Optus Community Cable TV
Video Production Workshop

1995-6 PADI Advanced Scuba Diving Course, Arlie Beach

1996–7 Australian College of Journalism Sydney
Diploma of Journalism - Freelance Travel Writing and Photography

1997-2007 Church of Christ
Bible studies and services

1998 Holmesglen and Swinburne TAFE Melbourne
Diploma of Professional Writing (incomplete) - film scripts

1996-2008 Siddha Yoga Ashram Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Garneshpurri, Mt Eliza
Yoga Asanas, Tabla Course, Shaktiput Course, Meditation Course, Chanting Guru Gita, learning Harmonium and living and working in the ashram 3 months

2000-2002 Natural Hygeine Rawfoods, Cleanse detox retreats
John Fielder, Clohsey River, Kuranda
Dana Claire, Cooktown
Rene Beresford, Trinity Beach

2000 ANU Canberra
Degree in Astrophysics (discontinued)

2000 Qskills Canberra
Cert. IV Small Business Management - for Ezine Online Magazine TMMAG.COM

2000-now Web design and SEO
Self taught on dreamweaver, front page, eversoft, filezilla, photoshop, website builder 4, word, html, Wordpress, Googleanalytics, Facebook advertising 

2000-2010 Satyananda Yoga Ashrams, Nelson NZ, Mangrove, Rocklyn, Bihar
Living Consciously Yoga Courses and Organic Gardening 12 weeks
Teachers: Atmamuktananda, Kriyaratna, Shub

2001-now UOCA, Canberra, Melbourne, Nimbin, Cairns, Nymboida
Yoga and Meditation spiritual organisation founder and facilitator

2001 Job Provider, Canberra
Touch typing course and Microsoft Office

2001 University of Canberra, Diploma of Education Secondary

2002-now Ashtanga Yoga classes, Cairns, India and Melbourne
Teachers: Susi, Greg, Joise

2002 Cairns Dive, Great Barrier Reef
Dive Master trainee (discontinued)

2003-2009 Auroville Community, India
Yoga and Meditation  and Rawfood classes
Living in Community workshops
Permaculture Forest Farm

2004-08 Bikram Yoga classes, Melbourne

2004 ACU Melbourne
Graduate Diploma of Education Secondary
Methods – SOSE History, Commerce (Legal Studies)
Special Education, Catholic Fundamentals, TESOL techniques, Educ Psych, Educ IT, Global Educ

2005 Yoga in Daily Life Classes and Ashram, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Lismore

2006 Sattal Christian Ashram, India

2006 Yogananda Community, California, Nevada City
Yoga and meditation classes and work

2006-07 Ananda Marga Ashram and Yoga classes, Katoomba
Teacher: Dada Geri

2009-10 Revivalist Church, Melbourne, Bendigo
Baptism and services, bible classes

2013 Rishikesh Ashtanga Yoga School

2015 Rishikul Yoga Shala
200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga

2018-19 Education Dep NSW
First aid courses online
Bushfire awareness course online
Preparation to teach Aus Prof Standards

2021 Nymboida
First Aid
Cert Chainsaw Cut and Trim

Professional paid work experience

2007-now UOCA Ashram
Spiritual Organisation Ashram Founder - teaching yoga and meditation, marketing and advertising manager, theology and science developmental theory, rawfood nutrition research, newsletter editor, diary, property investment research.  Nymboida, Atherton and Daintree. 
Manager of ashram and yoga master in eco sustainable rainforest paradise health retreat by donation assisting many people including drug addicts, aged, Japanese rape victims, back injuries and musicians using rawfoods, meditation and yoga to heal.

2008-9 ESL and yoga Teacher
Gochang High School - Years 10-11 South Korea
New Creation Primary School - Years 1, Auroville India

2008 Archer and Sapountis
Para-legal in wills, property, contracts and general matters

2006-8 Contracted Relief Teacher
Hughesdale Primary School – Years 5-6 Chadstone
Wantirna College - Years 7-11 Wantirna

2005 Biloela High School
Secondary school teacher for Maths Years 8 and 9, Legal Studies Year 11, Business Studies Year 11 – temporary contract

1995 – now Enligtenart (freelance/sole proprietor)
Journalist, reporter, novel writer, scriptwriter, photographer, video producer, editor and web designing / financial manager of ezine Cairns, Canberra, Melbourne. Business plans for printed magazine.

1993- now UOCA Freelance Yoga Teacher
Teaching mainly Sivananda mixed with Ashtanga yoga to individuals, children and small groups privately, and at Osho Samaya and Gochang Highschool.

1990 – 1991 KPMG
Corporate Tax Consultant London

1989 Ernst & Young
Corporate Tax Consultant Melbourne

1989 Maule James
Solicitor Melbourne

1988 – 1989 Sly & Weigal (now Norton Rose was Deacons)
Articled Clerk Melbourne

1986 Armidale Hotel,  Armidale
Private detective work 

1986 Old MGS Boy, St Kilda

1985 Target, Dandenong
Trolley pusher

1985 Coles, Wantirna
Storeman and Packer nightsift

1983 Melbourne University, Parkdale

1983 CFA, Malvern

1983 Toyota, Mulgrave

1982 MCG

Professional memberships

Admitted as Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria 27 Feb. 1989
PADI Advanced Scuba Diver
Admitted as Member of Australian Media Syndicate Oct 1997
Registered as secondary teacher in Queensland June 2005
Registered as secondary teacher in Victoria Oct 2006
Registered as ESL teacher Korea April 2009
Registered as secondary teacher in NSW April 2018

Volunteer experience

2014 Enligtenart - genealogy research Scotland and UK, photography, blog, historical research on Murison clan.

2012-14 Enligtenart - legal work with Zone Legal ACT
contesting will estate against Perpetual Trustees
appealing GST tax matters
small claims motor accident

2013 ISKCON Myapur, India

PR project designer for brochure advertising for tourism yoga

2003 Channel Nine Darwin
Volunteer news reporter

2003 Four Wheel Driver Tours Alice Springs
Trainee tour operator

2003 NT Conveyancers
Conveyancer Darwin

2002 Deep Dive, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef
Cleaner dive ship

2000 Canberra Times
Reporter (work experience)

1996-2003 Community Legal volunteer officer at Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne - Fitzroy, Marabeena.

1994-2010 WWOOF, Australia, NZ
Working on organic farms and communities including ONTOSS, Crystal Waters

Interests/ activities

Cycling, trekking, swimming, tennis, golf, scuba, skiing, yoga, travelling, photography, water colour painting and writing

2. CV Skills for Project Eden

2.1     Management of Project Eden

2.1.1     Synopsis of Life

James Travers-Murison was born in the UK. His schooling was at Glamorgan, Trinity then Melbourne Grammar, elite private schools. He was brought up in leafy Hawthorn East by a mother who taught at St Catherines as head of the English department, then as a senior lecturer in education at La Trobe University. She was head of the diploma of education, Dr Molly Travers. His Aunt was senior lecturer in special education at Melbourne University, Dr Pat Long, and his other Aunt was senior lecturer and assistant dean at ANU, Slavic Languages, Margaret Travers. Their mother was a Hawker from South Australia, original settlers and her grandfather was a founding father of South Australia, speaker and treasurer in the parliament, George Hawker, and her mother was the daughter of a founding father of Victoria who wrote its constitution, Sir William Stawell, first attorney general, the longest serving Chief Justice, also acting Governor of Victoria and Chancellor of Melbourne University and board member of Melbourne and Geelong Grammars. James’ father was a professional soldier and officer in the Gordon Highlanders and then the Australian Infantry. He came from the Murison family who had made and lost a fortune in the Jute trade in the 19th Century.

In 1980 James was an 'A' student in year 11, and studied all sciences and maths in HSC, but due to the massive stresses in that year and the lack of holistic education, bullying by other students which was tolerated there and the fact Melbourne Grammar was boys only so giving rise to a disbalanced sexual attitude particularly in relation to females, he capitulated in his final exams and developed a disease keratoconus where he lost part of his right eyesight.

Rejected from Trinity College, Melbourne University, for failing to get into medicine and a negative report from his Bruce house master, he instead studied law and economics at Monash, but badly failed economics in his first year. Again strict Melbourne Grammar had not prepared him for the freedoms of modern University life. He turned to colonial US and modern Asian history and psychology [achieving a high distinction in his first year]. Led by Glen Patmore, now Melbourne University law lecturer, he was introduced to marijuana at Byron Bay; the effects were minimal and caused slight paranoia, he tried the drug several more times, initially with extreme paranoid reactions. Completed his law studies with a distinction in taxation, then did his articles at a well respected conservative law firm in Melbourne, Sly & Weigall now Deacons in 1988. He then worked at E & Y doing corporate tax consulting. After travelling South West and Central Europe with a girlfriend leading to his first book, he ended up unemployed in Balham, London and read Fritjof Capra's The Tao of Physics. Joined KPMG London again in tax and studying  a tax diploma. Under extreme pressure at work doing a job he was disillusioned with due to its extremely materialistic nature and depressing internal politics, he started smoking very occasionally a small amount of hash as a social lubricant.

After a relationship failure he had a mystical meeting in a castle with a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. He eventually gave up his job in 1991, briefly losing his eyesight less than a week after leaving possibly due to post traumatic stress disorder and travelled North Western and North Eastern Europe fairly hedonistically smoking hash, however started reading Autobiography of a Yogi and began hearing voices, then after a car accident in Paris after drinking too much, woke up to himself and went to Israel to volunteer on a kibbutz, it was there at the Essene community ruins in the Middle East where he became vegetarian and virtually gave up alcohol. Going to Egypt he connected to the ancient Pharaoh culture, then Ireland to explore Celtic Shamanism and the Rainbow Tribe. Learning holistic massage at a Rainbow Healing Festival near Bristol, UK in 1992, He crossed Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and ended up in India for 2 years searching for the meaning of life. Having practiced many techniques of yoga, chanting and meditation, living in monasteries and ashrams from Nepal to Ladakh and trekked there and Kashmir.  Including Osho, Chenrezig, Siddha, Sivananda, Hare Krisna and Satyananda, where he became aware of the importance of integrating the intellect with spiritual practices, music, art, diet and physical movements. He learnt colourpuncture therapy at Osho Multiversity in Puna, India in 1994 opened his mind to alternative medicine. Primal, Tantra, Breath, Modern Dance, Aikido, Tai Chi courses and classes in Puna have educated him in a multitude of techniques for deconditioning the mind. This gave him an awareness of the incredible potential of the human being, and its ability to free itself unconditionally from all suffering and so ascend to an angelic god state, beyond the conception of the mortal mind. To merge with the Higher Spirit’s light body and so incarnate as both physical and angelic beings.

However he was also made aware of the flaws that arise in large religious organisations. Corruption in the guise of attaining spirituality and manipulation in deconditioning techniques, lack of followup were all prevalent in Puna. Sexual experimentation which was encouraged there led him to despair at the abuse of the sacred nature of the sexual act and its isolation from love and commitment. Part of the deconditioning process encouraged the disregard for obeying authority and disparaged acting honestly in society on the grounds that capitalism was manipulating and disempowering us and that spiritual advancement must take precedence over material honesty. Their Guru encouraged a disregard for laws and accumulated huge wealth off his followers who were told to attain money to stay there through whatever means possible. This led James to commit two acts of fraud, which were completely inconsistent with his character. He obtained a false visa to stay longer in India at the ashram and he withdrew the maximum amount he could obtain on his visa card, purchased travellers cheques, sold them on the black market and claimed them as lost. The money was paid to the ashram in return for courses. Superficially the ashram told people not to do this, however people closely connected to the community were extensively involved in organising this criminal activity with it seemed an implied consent by the community leaders. Their dead guru, Osho, had been implicated in extensive fraud while in the USA with no remorse and blamed America for poisoning him when he was arrested. His ashram was surrounded by the National Guard and closed there and his main spokesperson, Sheila, jailed for attempted murder and fraud. James rejected Osho and left the community in 1994 when he found out about the extensive fraud in Oregon and the hypocrisy of Osho in refusing to take responsibility. In 1996 James repaid Thomas Cook an excess of the amount falsely claimed realising that dishonesty is never justified by the ends, nor the corruption of capitalists exploiting individuals to make large profits. In 2003 he wrote to the Indian government informing them of his visa transgression and requesting to be pardoned. There is no doubt he had been brainwashed by this cult in a very harmful way which caused psychological and spiritual problems for him. However, he also learnt much about spiritual power there and human potential both good and evil. Also the manipulation occurring in everyday society that subliminally influences us and controls and limits our behaviour.

He found some answers in yoga and came back to Australia. He believed that the future lay in alternative lifestyle and headed to the communes on the north East Coast from Byron Bay, however experimentation with marijuana, psychedelic fungi and a quarter of a tablet of LSD combined with pranayama yogic breath while stimulating Samadhi experiences of enlightenment ultimately led to bad effects.

In 1995 he went up Cape York Peninsula to connect with the Australian Outback and its indigenous people and spirituality. He stayed in Lockhart River community and experienced first hand the plight of the aboriginal people with addiction. Introduced to the Gospel of Peace of St John and the Essenes at Pascoe River, during enlightened experiences with psychedelics he had visions that he was Jesus Christ. He left Pacsoe in search of his true aboriginal nature and connected to the "dreamtime spiritworld" in one of the most remote and inaccessible national parks in the world, Jardine NP. Wandering for many many hours in the bush naked both day and night, he made a connection to spirit where trees spoke to him and the land itself guided him and protected him from harm. Reported to the police by a timid pair of school teachers who were shocked seeing him bathing naked in the falls, two overweight officers of the state arrived, ironically just as he was packing up to leave for Bamaga, concerned that their meat and beer BBQ at the Falls could be disturbed that weekend, he was sectioned in a further irony for fear he might harm himself [for observation] under the excessively over-protective Mental Health Act despite protesting that it was a breach of human rights. Using his legal skills and his family connections he avoided being forcibly drugged. This led to his brief but frightening incarceration in Cairns Base Hospital’s psychiatric ward. He was released after 48 hours [the decision being that he was not psychotic], where he was intensively interrogated and had to deny his spiritual experiences as they were interpreted as schizophrenia, however there is no doubt he was in a mildly confused and disconnected state even prior to his detention due to the hallucinogens.

The compartmentalised atheistic linear scientific basis of our medical system results in grossly inadequate diagnosis and understanding of the mind and mental illness, resulting in an attempt to cure the mind through pharmaceuticals without addressing the root causes in an individual's way of life or spirit (the failure of our medical system in dealing with this evolution in the mind due to technical and cultural progress is statistically proven, hence in Australia 25% of the population are diagnosed with mental illness at some stage in their life and the rate is increasing). This prompted James to look for alternative health remedies and spirituality to cure the mind, directly leading to the formation of Project Eden seven years later.

Something of his spirit died after that experience in the psychiatric ward, but he discovered he did have an addiction to marijuana leading to depression that had caused him to not look properly after himself and to distort the spiritual truth in what medically is known as a psychotic episode. And this is why he now opposes strongly all drugs including hallucinogens unless clinically managed by a psychiatrist, researcher and spiritual guru in controlled laboratory testing. So gave up all drugs and the little alcohol he consumed over the next year and never touched them again. He also became vegan, nevertheless he was pushed by the psychiatrists to give up his vision to create a meditation centre as unrealistic and instead encouraged to get a normal job in society or start a business. Due to this influence he attempted to start a business in alternative environmental media.  However he had a great deal of problems clearly seeing the materialistic pragmatic truth to business marketing and making money in life due to his spiritual ideals. So had a great deal of trouble finding success in business resulting in his mental health condition developing into chronic depression and a disconnection from reality and people. This push back into Western business life had tragic consequences for James well being. An inheritance that should have been spent buying a meditation centre near Byron Bay was instead lost on an ill thought business venture encouraged by the strong opposition of Cairns psychiatry to spirituality.

Thus in 1996 he returned to Bamaga and went to the Torres Straits and began a video documentary on the indigenous culture. Returned to Melbourne where he worked voluntarily in Community TV for Optus and Channel 31 and produced a documentary on the Wilderness Society and was working on another on the Torres Strait Island women. Then completed his advanced PADI scuba course in Whitsundays. And stayed with alleged breatharian and Sia Baba devotee Hillarion at Ravenshoe. As an amateur naturalist photographer and artist, James painted in India and Cape York, also in Melbourne his home town. He realised the dimensions of nature can never be fully captured by man. In 1997 he did a photoshoot in Outback Queensland and started writing his autobiography, then a satirical sci-fi spiritual mystery about the Knight Templars and Sion and a film on JC's return and Tibetan Buddhism; he did a diploma in Journalism, wrote an independent report on aboriginal alcoholism at Lockhart River and government negligence in Cape York, which he considered turning into a Masters of Law. He freelanced on social and environmental issues such as logging at Goolengook, human rights abuses in Kashmir and Vietnam. He also wrote poetry. Some of this work is located here. In 1998 he met Michelle McKann and attempted to start a national intelligent person’s gloss magazine, “T-M”. When this fell through he moved into the Siddha Yoga ashram in Fitzroy and worked as a community volunteer lawyer for the poor in 1999. However when he attempted to get involved with management and questioned the operation of the ashram as a lawyer he was asked to leave upon discovering there had been a financial scandal there.

After this he came across Viktoras Kulvinskas’ Planetary Healers Manual and then the Essene Church of Christ and went on a three month rawfood fast visiting rawfood experts such as Zalan in Daylesford. At the Retreat near Kyogle he witnessed terminal cancer patients being cured by Rawfoods, juices and enemas. He then visited fruitarian Rene Beresford in Cairns and the inimitable John Fielder at Clohsey River. However he heard and met people there who had had bad experiences living long term on rawfoods – teeth rotting, allergic reactions - and he found Fielder’s behaviour erratic and gave the diet up personally feeling ungrounded and lacking energy.

Having gone to ANU to study astro-physics in order to find out how the universe was created in 2000, after 2 months he realised the spiritual futility in an academic system, based on cramming information and manipulating mathematical formulas without putting precedence on theoretical knowledge, and a complete absence of holistic integration of body-mind-spirit, which he believes is devolving humanity to bio-robotic life via career-specialisation, and evolving our replacement, an automated silicon intelligence.” (see appendix Physics)

James then visited Satyananda Yoga Mangrove Mountain, and returned to Cairns to start a dive master trainee. Connected to Osho Samaya near Byron Bay. And spent time in Sydney painting art at Kings Cross.

In late 2000 he started an Ezine based on the earlier magazine with government assistance under NEIS. Doing a small business management certificate for the business plan of www.TMMAG.COM ultimately the government lacked the foresight to see its potential. He went ahead alone producing a prototype on the Internet while doing work experience briefly at Canberra Times and in 2001 he started a diploma of education at UC teaching Social Sciences, however he quickly realised the system of teaching children was so entrenched in a retrogressive value system it would be almost impossible to change from within. He realised a completely new system of education was required based on a rawfood diet, yoga and spiritual awareness – a prototype system that would allow all children to become geniuses and enlightened entities to lead humanity out of its industrialised robotic compartmentalised darkness. He has been on committees to help East Timor and create the ROCKS, an ecologically sustainable community centre in Canberra, as well as developing self-organisation at the Co-op.

In 2002 he went raw again and stayed with rawfood yogini Gangashwara, rawfood author of Ecoeating Sapody Brook, Natural Hygienist Dana Clare, Neil Skilbeck founder of the college of Myropractics and lived with Rene Beresford for 6 weeks. However again finding problems with lack of energy, he reduced to 90% raw. Doing 10 classes of Ashtanga yoga a week, and trying to set up a rawfood community and an ezine under another NEIS scheme, burnt out he headed back to India via Sri Lanka. Visiting in 2003 Sia Baba, Sivananda ashram, Auroville, Bohdgaya, Mother Teresa’s centres, he left frustrated after being robbed and losing his passport. Disillusioned in spiritual truth he sought Western medicine for mental health issues concerned he may have schizophrenia when arriving in Perth to get a job in law with the help of Robert Lombardy, he instead backpacked WA to NT and lived in Darwin beginning work on an alternative Communist Manifesto to Marx as he worked as a volunteer in Community Legal centre, Channel 9 Darwin and as a conveyancer. Trying out tour guiding at Uluru, he went to Tasmania and did the overland trail.

2004 he requalified as a secondary teacher in the Australian Catholic University doing teaching rounds at his old school where he still saw many of its old problems. Disappointed with the course and Catholicism he headed to NZ, almost went raw again, fasted and had interesting spiritual experiences with Tibetan Buddhists, Gentle Earth, Satyananda, and tramping for many days in the mountains. But he realised nature as beautiful and powerful as it is, is not the answer to man’s dilemma. After staying with Matreya, he returned to Australia trying to reconnect with Osho. But it was not to be. Instead, he almost went insane around Brisbane becoming paranoid that he was aging too fast and getting restalyne injections in his expression lines which caused a massive allergic reaction and intense spinal pain. He returned to Melbourne exhausted, but soon began trying to heal his diagnosed schizophrenic brother through yoga and intense exercise. Got a job teaching in Biloela, but was forced to resign when he confronted the school about its treatment of students.

He went back to India in late 2005 and wrote a detailed diary about his experiences. He saw Sia Baba again, visited many yoga ashrams began and quit a yoga teacher training. However after being rejected by Siddha Yoga's ashram, and photographing the squalor surrounding its palatial residence, he did come across another Sia Baba 'Jayesh' near Garneshpuri. A young man who had not eaten or drunk for 2 years and lived without shelter in the jungle. He met his fruitarian followers and tried to find the enlightened being, searching the mountainous jungle several times without luck. Stayed at Sivananda Devananda's ashram. Visited Auroville investigating teaching there. But again after 6 months could not find the answers and instead became very sick in Rishikesh getting hepatitis and as before ended up in a Christian ashram.

He left for California, came across 12 Tribes then Ananda, but was forced out of both places. He tried to connect with River Canyon rawfooders, but was rejected there. Despondent and broke he returned to Melbourne. 

Briefly taught emergency in Hughesdale Primary, he headed to Satyananda Mangrove to do yoga studies, but could not connect to the course in 2007, journeyed up the East coast in a Daewoo Lanos camping where he came across Meher Baba near Nambour. Mentally pushed to the limit he almost killed himself in his car before going to Australia Zoo, James headed back to Sydney and attempted to reconnect with Satyananda. This failed and he went to Costa Rica and the Pachamama community of Tyohar to do rawfoods. An ex-Osho sannyassin, Tyohar was using raves, LSD and pot on his community. Disillusioned James left after trying to pursuade the Israeli DJ millionaire to renounce drugs and make the community nudist. He explored some other rawfood communities in Costa Rica including Art of Union.

Ultimately he found them all well intended but corrupted and left them to do a photoshoot of Corcovado National Park. His camera disappeared under mysterious circumstances at the Ranger Station deep in the heart of darkness. He replaced his camera and headed to Nicaragua, Honduras for diving, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. He began a photoshoot of Mayan ruins and began writing a book set in 738 ad postulating early viking contact. At volcanic Lake Atitlan he stayed at Los Pirimades spiritual centre learning Mayan meditation techniques. He became convinced that Mayan Calendar predicting the end in 2012 December 21 was critical to humanities development - the Turning Point (Capra) - due to the solar system crossing the galactic axis and will be tied up with solving the unifying of all the forces. He returned to Sydney, Australia and tried once again to reconnect to Satyananda, Brahma Kumaris, Ananda Marga, Goenke, Hare Krisnas but was largely rejected. Forlorn he returned to Melbourne in an attempt to raise finance for Project Eden and start an ashram in Melbourne with the help of Ashtanga. He had dialogues with Geshe Konchok Tsering at Atisha Tibetan Buddhist Monastery on the truth of enlightenment and the necessity of loving compassion to all.

He was mostly on raw and organic foods while staying with Natural Hygienist, Bruce Standish, at his organic grocery, however he noted that Bruce was living in very unhygienic conditions and became concerned that his raw diet was partly causing this. He then stayed with Yogi Corey in Caufield in 2008 doing research on Superbrane theory and human evolution. He connected with Socialist Alternative in an attempt to persuade them that UOCA's system was the means to bring about the new spiritual communist revolution. Met Joseph Norton and then Laurian Lai and went to Bendigo where they attempted to start an ashram with Lai's father's help. James reconnected to Dana Clare to convince her to use her property in Cooktown for the UCOA trust. However unable to get this going with her due to her mysterious suicide caused by Cairns psychiatrists forcibly injecting her with antipsychotics, he got a job in Melbourne in a suburban law firm and taught at Wantirna College so he could raise money to leave for Indonesia. Where he went to Ubud then Java exploring ancient Hindu history and finally to Sumatra to commune with Orangutans and Lake Toba. Flew to Malaysia to explore where his father had been during the Emergency, then India to do more yoga in Sivananda, Amma and so ended up in Auroville in a relationship with Anna Ladanova from Russia. His attempts in 2009 to get a rawfood community started met resistance there in particular from Anandi, the rawfood guru there. He got involved with Anna in Auroville's primary school for Indians, after travelling Thailand and Angkor Wat with her. He met enlightened teachers in Thiruvamalai after their relationship soured. And started a book putting the gospels into one alternative history of Jesus the ego fraud.

In April 2009, he went to Korea to teach English at Gochang High School. A Korean teacher introduced him to the Recovery Bible by Chinaman Witness Lee. He began to teach students yoga and meditation, and attempted to stimulate a student action to reunify Korea, but left in protest due to corruption, the beating of students and inflicting horrendous teaching hours upon them. 

Back in Melbourne he stayed with rawfooder entrepreneur Thoran, but again was astounded by the filth he lived in. Calling upon young Joseph 'I am Master' to assist starting UOCA, he found the young acolyte rebellious and hard to manage and left him to Thoran. Heading into the Timbertop hills he camped in nature in mid-Winter and freezing conditions. Running out of food he returned to his mother's house. Then went to Bendigo and the Tibetans, but left and stayed with Chelsea Coles another young adept on the path. Attempts to start the ashram at her place failed. He met Chris Poynton and got a car from his brother and started to seek ashram premises around Victoria. Heading up to Mungo Lake in NSW, he witnessed the aboriginal spiritual lights, tried to find premises in Mildura and other towns, heading down the Mallee to the Wimmera and finally came across Kellie Grattidge at Daylesford at an open mike session where he played his first music using amplification. Shepparton and then the Hare Krisna Valley led to him attending the World Parliament of Religions where he met a renowned Nimbin protestor and artist. He began a campaign to make entry cost proportionate to income and tried to introduce some of his reforms under UOCA to the UN human rights bill reform. Dejected and blocked from entry in the end, he drove to Daylesford in the ancient Honda Accord he was gradually repairing and met Kellie, hoping that she might be his wife. It was not to be.

Staying with Paul Perov, musician and Oespe follower, in Werribee, he attempted to negotiate starting the ashram with him. James, spurned by his family for Christmas, whilst attempting to locate the remains of a murdered woman using psychic powers to receive reward money to start the ashram, turned north in 2010 for Confest up near Moulamein in NSW outback. Unimpressed with the cleanliness and drug abuse he left to visit his father in Canberra. Then headed south via Orbost where the car broke down. He then briefly had an affair with Kellie in Daylesford. 

James continued his adventures to Cairns but met conflict with Nicky Knoff's yoga school who could not see the potential in his vision. He explored Chillago and our ancient past, returned to Horsham and attempted to start up an ashram in Rainbow, but the townfolk were apprehensive and the premises bad. He went to Tasmania in search of the cancerous devil. Did much trekking including Jerusalem to Overland the hard way. Then met conflict with Shankarananda of Siddha and in 2011 began getting communications with the future of  UOCA and making mobile videos of this and hyperdrive construction in 2500 AD near the Snowy Mountains where he climbed Mt Feathertop. And began research on Climate Change and Ruskin's theory of megatsunamis due to ocean floor clathrites.  Almost incarcerated when he told psychiatrists; he went to Flinders Ranges to explore geology on Earth's evolution and continued searching for an ashram. Nursed his father in Canberra in May then went to Byron Writer's Festival as a reporter and attempted to interview the artful dodger and deceiver John Pillager and was banned from the festival in an altercation with Pillager over media honesty in reporting and small freelancers despite teaming up with Joseph Norton of IAMU who ran away. James finally established the first UOCA ashram near Ravenshoe near Hillarion who had passed from this Earth. James suffered gall bladder illness he cured naturally, but after Kayla, a rawfooder, visited and rejected his proposal for marriage, an inguinal hernia resulted. His father died after he nursed him in Canberra Pallative care where he was pushed away by his Aunt Denise and executor Ringrose-Voase. She had manipulated his father whose will disowned James and left most of his money for herself. 

Joseph joined him at Ravenshoe as his father passed away in 2012 and Joe had a psychotic drug episode where James had to call the police to remove him after he refused to do 3 am meditation practice and became violent. James had to lock himself into an external room until the police came. He then changed ashrams to the second ashram at Daintree Cow Bay which was closed by Cairns Council due to lack of planning approval. He wrote many volumes of his autobiography in these ashrams that operated by donation only.

At the beginning of 2013 he went back to India to Myapur ISKCON and met Radhanath Swami. Trekked in Sikkim going to the Kachenjenka base camp, then Rishikesh to train with Yoga Ashtanga School under an Olympic Champion teacher. He returned to Australia and fought his father's will in a vicious fight with Perpetual Trustees and Ringrose-Voase. Went to Byron and did intensive yoga with Byron Yoga School. Toured Fraser Island to reconnect to nature unfortunately wrecking his father's Subaru's gaskets and lived at Meher Baba ashram getting an insight into Sufism and the final progression of UOCA's theology through Islam, the last religion. 

In 2014 he returned to Canberra to contest the will and mediation produced a fair outcome and he got his share and his heritage; reconnected to born again Christians. He went to the interior desert of SA to find peace in the lakes near Inamancka. He read a book on Liechhardt and met indigenous elders there and visited Burke and Wills grave. Impressed by the stark beauty of the interior, he left for Scotland to farewell his departed father  and investigate Gordon Highlander's bastardisation of soldiers and PTSD at the Gordon Museum in Aberdeen, however due to police intimidation he was stopped in this process and threatened with arrest again confirming the UOCA Communist Manifesto's political treatise on capitalism. Even his lawyer and trustee, Pat Lennon, turned against him when James sought legal redress, leading to a further bitter fight with him over his father's trust. Returned to Australia to try to purchase an ashram near Byron Bay. Meeting obstacles in getting financial help from his mother.

After travelling all over NSW in 2015 and finding a place in Nymboida, due to council approval difficulties he returned to India to do a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh with Rishikul leading to a fight over teaching methodology with the school and other students. He did a pilgrimage to the Siva Lingams in the Himalayas including Gangotri meeting Sadhus in silence in the glaciers. Returned to Rishikesh and did classes with world famous yoga teachers and physio to correct his hunch back. Then to Goa to connect with the affable smooth beach Kranti and his flock of women.  From there to Thailand to do Buddhist meditation in Chiang Mai. And diving in Ko Samui in 2016.

James returned to Australia basing himself in Byron Bay doing more yoga and also at the ISKCON community ranch. After much struggle a property was purchased at Nymboida in late 2016, which was near Grafton near Coffs Harbour from solar fitter Phil Wilson after peace was made with the trustee at Lennon Solicitors.  

In 2017 the UOCA Ashram began again in trying circumstances. Council and Crown causing problems as well as neighbours and tradesman. He renewed his school teaching accreditation in NSW in 2017 after a disastrous hernia operation by Dr Cheng in Melbourne leading to nerve damage in 2018 which severely impeded the opening of the ashram. He worked with Ethical SEO Solutions in Delhi to promote UOCA. The ashram in the wilds is set up to do yoga, meditation and adventure training in particular kayaking. Rock climbing and scuba diving is to be developed as is trail running which James used to do until the nerve damage was done. An adventure experischool for troubled students is planned. The Ashram is also a place for art, music and love and literature. A section of the ashram is devoted to Major Murison and Scotland.   

In 2019 James attempted to open again, but mainly had overseas backpacker volunteers. He had an injection done to reduce the nerve damage which made it far worse. So attempted to return to school teaching, but was rejected by NSW state schools in an interview. He fought this decision for some time. Then began taking workshops in Yoga Festivals on Kundalini Chakras sytem and Patanjali's stages. The ashram remained largely closed. Then Black Friday bushfires burnt the property out. He returned to ISKCON to try and form a relationship with them but this failed.

In 2020 he attempted to make the yoga retreat into a naturist tantric centre of learning, but Covid19 struck and closed it down again. He began renovations and earthworks to replace the burnt orchard and fix the dams, roads and create firebreaks and views. Floods delayed this work. He connected to Mind Body Life yoga in Byron Bay. And did much research work on quantum physics and updating his Superbrane Theory with Quantum Loop Gravity. 

In 2021 the renovations continue with opening set to May.

This to date has taken the form of founding the Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension (UOCA), which he first envisioned in 2001 at his father's house in Canberra. He hopes that this will be the driving force in reforming the planet, by creating a prototype utopia called Project Eden, then through this a new political and government system for the planet that reforms in phases capitalism to a workable and acceptable form of new communism that is abundantly more environmentally beneficial to the planet, more mentally harmonious for its people and more creative and wealthy for all by increasing all but the super rich's standard of living exponentially. UOCA will gradually phase in a cap on individual wealth to 10 million dollars initially, those in excess will have their wealth redistributed to the poorest in society first. This should allow enough incentive to motivate people to work hard and still know they will personally gain from their effort. Thus there should be no significant loss in innovation or creativity due to denial of reward. And those that are manipulating the economic system to gain huge amounts of money for themselves will be restricted. This should encourage a turnover of talent as there will be little incentive for aging entrepreneurs to hold onto corporations to increase their wealth.

Going on Rawfood fasts since then, whether for a day or a couple of weeks, he has seen the effects on the body, mind and spirit of Rawfood diets, and its uplifting effect on the soul. However he is aware that the diet like the spiritual path must be taken in small gentle steps in order to be successful. That it is important to be in contact with one's intuition in determining what to eat and trusting one's body and what it wants. Individual body type and metabolism, moderation, balance and variety in the rawfood diet are essential, as is slowly building up the quantity of rawfood in the diet. This way being drained, or becoming disconnected or spaced out, through too rapid change and alteration in nutrients can be mitigated. It is the path of Patanjali that needs to be followed, using yoga postures, breathing and diet  to get to meditation and inner peace. 

2.1.2 Summary of Skills and Experience

Alternative environmental and health research and business skills relevant to Project Eden –

1. Knowledge of international community environmental reduction strategies in transport, land use, industry by stakeholder groups which may have application to Project Eden’s development projects involving finance and design of ecological sustainability and environmental care.

I lived on an alternative energy communities where I operated the solar cell power system at Pasco River Community and assisted in fitting a solar device at Bundagen Community. I have planted trees for environmental plantation programmes at the Rainforest River Retreat. I worked in horticulture and permaculture on organic farms and ashrams. In 1996, I attempted to break into television media working for OPTUS Community Cable TV producing short news documentaries on environmental and social issues such as the Wilderness Society and TSI women. I also did volunteer work and gave legal advice to various charities. I was a member, volunteer and gave advice at general and committee meetings on environmental strategies and organisation in The Wilderness Society.

I have debated in Rostrum the pro argument for greenhouse gas emission
reduction. I have done research, fund raising, letter drops, demonstrating, attending the 1997 World Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Rally with a Canadian counterpart and a Melbourne University Constitutional Law lecturer.

In 1998 I had an external telesales and customer service contract with Salmat, who were selling enviro-friendly electricity. I had to educate myself in the reasons for and methods of producing Green electricity. This also involved an understanding of Greenhouse emissions restrictions as formulated by the Kyoto protocol and adopted under the National Greenhouse Response Strategy. This involved persuading members of a large electricity company to pay an increased levy to subsidise for instance a methane generating pig farm, or a land filled garbage dump with side-winding vents to collect hydrocarbons, or research into Germanium based solar cells.

I am still looking at an investment project for a rotastretch freeform machine, which will enable low cost, lightweight, high strength moulded parts for vehicles, which can be produced with considerably less energy and will reduce vehicle weight, fuel and carbon emissions. I also have had a close relationship with the inventor of another project to produce an artificial intelligently driven mining vehicle, which will improve safety and may indirectly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I connected to a German engineering Consultancy. The owner produced a close to zero pollution emission chemical plant for a major multinational.

In 2002, I was involved with doing a small amount of volunteer work with the ACT Greens including attending general meeting and have acted very briefly as Secretary for The Ecological Sustainability Sub-Committee of the ACT ROCKS development building community project located in Civic, Canberra. A project that intends to be a world leader in sustainable environmental buildings for the community. This committee memorandum covered areas we were assessing –
"1. site plan - assess after consult with community groups follow sun path in angling buildings max solar heating winter, minimise summer
1a. building - underground considered, issues of water table, cost - benefits thermal mass and insulation, aesthetics - blend in with nature, innovative prototype cutting edge futuristic technology of sustainability world first;
1b. structure shape - dome shape
2. construct with thermal mass ie. rammed earth roof earth covering with plant mass reduce storm water, allow veg garden, act as thermal mass/insulation
3. energy - solar not wind. Dual energy systems co-variant ie. aircon and heating recycling. Thermal mass in construction.
4. water - recycle heating-cooling system, underground tanks, sewerage recycled and used for energy source or purified for roof garden, storm water rain catchment on roof garden."

In 2002 I first attempted Project Eden in Cairns – the concept was for a environmental conservation centre in which techniques would be taught and used to promote ecological sustainability in the local community – organic fruit orchards, vegetable gardens following permaculture methods. Alternative energy sources would be promoted such as solar, wind and wave generators of power. Low energy devices and EPA low noise producing machines using and emitting minimum pollutants would be encouraged and possibly developed. Solar vehicles, electric mowers, etc. Building and design would be incorporating natural fibres and climate merging into the rainforest greenery and beachfront.

I spent time in Auroville in India in 2003 and 2006 looking at alternative sustainable energy development including attending conferences on the future of that community. I met and stayed at a development there in communal vegan and rawfood living.

2. Knowledge of alternative health systems and scientific research with the skills to create a prototype preventative disease medical community.

I attempted to start a health retreat near Cairns in 2002 which is the basis of this current project. A preliminary business plan was produced, with the assistance of NEIS covering the basic idea, sketches, preliminary market and scientific research on the viability of rawfood’s healing effects and consumer demand. I spent time with Australia’s top experts living, learning and participating in their retreat centres. The rawfood’s community was planned in harmony with nature in the rainforest of deep north Tropical Queensland in Australia.

A healing and teaching centre would be included based on alternative healing techniques. A research school would be established which would use state of the art hi-tech scientific research methods supported by government grants, JCU university research faculties into bio-molecular, biochemical, genetics, metabolism enzyme action, endocrinology, and nutrition effects of raw food diet and curing of degenerative diseases, statistically analysed and case controlled. I educated myself on the scientific research on cooking food and reviewed biochemist Lionel Murray’s book Raw Logic on the above with his assistance.

The community would have a nudist culture and include for accommodation an eco-sustainable hotel, rainforest lodges and for dietics a cordon bleu Rawfood Restaurant, Café, Juice Bar, gift shop, organic health food shop and grocery.

Funds are being sought to continue this charitable venture.

At all times in my business I was independently responsible for this high level of output and accountable for the quality, timeliness, confidentiality and customer satisfaction.

3. A knowledge and understanding of Project Eden’s alternative health practices and research goals. Also a commitment to Participative Management, Workplace Diversity and Occupational Health and Safety principles and practices, together with a commitment to their application across Project Eden Australia Charitable Trust.

In running Enligtenart Freelance Photojournalism and TMMAG.COM (affiliated to the Australian College of Journalism and Australian News Syndicate) my own private business, I started various workplace practices, which expanded my staff’s abilities and health. My appreciation of implementing these practices should pay dividends in any corporate department I join. Skills such as employing staff, all client contact, purchasing and furnishing office equipment and choosing premises, where ergonomics, economy and spinal health were considered of vital importance.

I have also taught stress relaxation therapies to individuals and groups which I learned at the Osho Community. I have taught Sivananda Yoga at Osho Samaya and been involved in organising and assisting in meditation retreats, as well as general administration and designing their website. Having practised many techniques of yoga, chanting and meditation, living in monasteries and ashrams including Osho, Chenrezig, Siddha, Sivananda, Hare Krisna and Satyananda, I became aware of the importance of integrating the intellect with spiritual practices, music, art, diet and physical movements. Learning holistic massage at a Rainbow Healing Festival near Bristol, UK. In 1992, colourpuncture therapy at Osho Multiversity in Puna, India in 1994 opened my mind to alternative medicine. Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Rebalancing, Primal, Tantra, Breath, Modern Dance, Aikido, Tai Chi courses and classes over two years in Puna have educated me in a multitude of techniques for deconditioning the mind.

Personal attributes of innovation and focus on delivery with an appreciation of key human resource service management policies and reforms, such as Workplace Diversity, Employee Participation, financial management and OH&S.

Alternative business health stress therapies including yoga, meditation and rawfood/veganism/macrobiotic diet were incorporated in my business. I implemented a democratic procedure for consultation and participation in work procedures through regular staff meetings and a social agenda. Computerising the business (calendar, planning, accounts, tax, sales, advertising, files and file management), was done in a manner to ensure greatest efficiency and concern to improve and maintain good health through lessening stress generated in attempting to obtain and deal with information. In all these situations, it was necessary to adapt to and implement change, as well as monitor and maintain my own standing and that of my staff. There was a large increase in productivity as a result of these innovations being implemented. Before this, I believe RMIT business and law studies adopted a meditation and yoga room partly because of my inspiration.

As a volunteer solicitor at a community legal centre in Cairns, East Bentleigh, and then Fitzroy, I had direct client contact, dealing with problem clients and coordinating with reception in a small team environment where EEO and OH&S were highly regarded in a multicultural racially unprejudiced work place.

This exemplifies my commitment to customer and employee health.

2.2   Financial, legal and business planning skills to promote and run Project Eden

Criteria 1:
A demonstrated ability to use technology to generate identify and follow through ideas and opportunities, produce business plans for multi million dollar ethical ventures and manage the Project Eden charitable Trust where negotiation with diverse groups is essential and media promotional skills vital.

I endeavour to use the latest technology to stay ahead. Early in 2003, I was training to be a sales representative for Optus Communications Business. This included selling mobile phones and so I am trained in telecommunications. Apart from this I have owned many mobiles, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Motorola Timeport, all of which were stolen. Now I have a Nokia and Motorola V3Razr. I used voice recognition, computer synchronisation with Outlook, WAP, handsfree and am familiar with methods to send emails and connect to the internet via infrared and bluetooth using my Palm M100, IIIc and Tungsten E2. I wrote a book using a bluetooth keyboard connected to the Palm. I am familiar with password systems, imie numbers, sim cards and locks, etc. I owned a laptop and currently use a G5 iMac desktop. The use of computer organisers to ensure the most efficient management of a business is of highest priority to me.

I completed a Small Business Management Certificate IV in 2000 at Qskills involving the development of an Internet Ezine through building a business plan. I have direct experience in managing consultancies and developing project strategies from concept to implementation. Prior to this as part of my business, Enligtenart, I produced an 120 page business plan for a national current affairs magazine which was to incorporate social and environmental issues including accountability of businesses and government. This was of a highly confidential nature, therefore it was necessary that potential investors and service providers signed a confidentiality agreement. It involved negotiating with some of Australia’s best journalists, art directors and editors, obtaining quotations from service providers such as printers, distributors and graphic designers.

It was planned to also sell it on the Internet [which began in Oct 2001 as http://TMMAG.COM , the first edition was at this site, which is now suspended]. There were intense and high level negotiations with potential investors, who represented large corporations. This involved making presentations, explaining financial issues, doing market research, advertising and preparing detailed financial forecasts, particularly cashflow. This exposure to the media and advertising world has given me an understanding of investment processes and methods, in particular assessing the viability of a high risk project based on market research and industry confidence. This included quantitative analysis of ABS statistics. I had to train my personal assistant in these tasks, which included mock meetings and brainstorming as well as all technical knowledge.

The magazines initial scope as a printed magazine was as follows:

a. The ethics of the magazine were considered a vital part. There was to be no advertising of alcohol, tobacco, or enterprises or corporations acting in an overtly unethical manner towards the environment.
b. The magazine was to support the direct election of an Australian President with limited executive powers in an Australian Republic, an amended Constitution containing a Bill of Rights and a Treaty with indigenous people.
c. Investors in this project were to have a reputation for ethically produced products, particularly in relation to prevention of animal cruelty caused by testing products.
d. To give you an idea of the scale and complexity of the operation (which was to employ directly approximately 20 staff) and in order to ensure the credibility and viability of this venture the Finance section of the business plan provided a 'lowest return on investment' scenario. This assumed sales of only 35% increasing to 45% of print-run by year-end. Below is the breakdown of return on investment as covered in those pages: -

If we expand into PAC-RIM: Return on maximum investment of $3.4M will be
$2.7M per annum by the third year. Average amount to be borrowed for about 20
months is $2.5M.

If we remain in Australia: Investors profit each year $0.44M to be
earned by the third year. Average amount to be borrowed over the 44 months will
be $1.4M (maximum amount borrowed $2.7M). Therefore return on average investment
is approximately 31%pa; plus all capital is repaid within 4 years. Also based
upon a 40% profit share.

This means I can manage contracts, including a commercial publishing contract. I can also investigate, analyse and report on, for example, financial expenditure; asset acquisition, maintenance and user support; and electronic and paper publishing initiatives. I have the hands on experience to provide advice to senior management. I can research and prepare a range of written materials, liaise extensively with senior members of the business community, deliver training and supervise staff.
I have always actively sought career development and training, even if it has taken a tangent, for instance doing the Swinburne Small Business Accounts Course and the Qskills Small Business Management Certificate IV has given me experience in handling accounts and finance, which has allowed me to provide better and more cost effective customer service.

When managing my own business I had to consistently be concerned about the highest possible customer service especially when negotiating all business finances including private funding, bank loans, credit facilities and government grants and schemes. These included many diverse groups:-
1. negotiating contracts with indigenous peoples' Luxury Resort in Queensland for a charitable painting exhibition to help indigenous 'Special Children'.
2. negotiating film/video documentary contracts with TSI media and grants with TSI council, and museums both here and overseas on saving Indigenous culture and re-enacting the voyage of pioneer anthropologist Alfred Cort Haddon.
3. preparing contracts for government grants in relation to 1) a video business, and 2) journalism and photography, and advertising business.
4. negotiating with a large petroleum multinational and their advertising agency for an environmental advertising campaign for Cape York.
5. negotiating with Cast n'Crew film contract, which included the initial writing of the script and interviewing film crew and purchasing equipment for a film covering mining and indigenous health and cultural issues (see addenda).
6. applying for Australia Film Council grant for a film written about an indigenous member of the stolen generation with a cultural and religious theme (see addenda).
7. advertising my business in paper, internet, etc.

Criteria 2.

Demonstrated ability to promote Project Eden through research, writing and sub-editing high quality articles, reports and copy for various media and corporations including environmental, human rights and health matters, quickly and efficiently. And an ability to provide high quality advice and analysis on government and corporate issues including medical and health research that impact Australia and would form the basis for Project Eden’s scientific research centre, including a demonstrated ability to communicate sensitively.

I have worked as a journalist at the newsdesk at the Canberra Times publishing many articles on law, health and public interest issues – samples of which can be provided. Recently in my own business I have carried out writing, editing and policy research in relation to many freelance articles and for TMMAG. I sub edited articles sent to TMMAG mostly dealing with tourism.

I wrote travel articles and stories that covered the diving industry in Cairns and the Whitsundays. Issues such as work place relations, safety and training for divemasters was covered. Employers, employees, union officials, government and Senator McMillan were interviewed. Also stories giving information on how to dive I have written.

I have written Consumer Affairs articles, such as a fraud article on singles dating agencies and legal remedies as well as practical means to avoid being cheated, which involved interviews with agency managers, consumer affairs and police.

An article commending John Howard’s policies on free trade as a better alternative to international aid was published on-line in COEV. Others on constitutional reform and an appropriate Republican model protecting Crown powers and another on the failure of Clinton to take the peace initiative so stimulating terrorism against the US were published in

One article that may become a book, looked at the implications of the RFA policy and ecological sustainability of logging areas of national significance in Goolengook, East Gippsland. An investigation involving researching and interviewing environment groups, Environmental Defenders Office, DNRE officials, scientists, University professors and the Minister. Contract law implications implying terms due to long usage on the government were considered. As a journalist I have worked on many areas of controversy, as I have outlined in answering the other criteria below. This broad spectrum of knowledge has given me an awareness of issues of National Significance and cultural heritage, particularly in the context of delicate issues that directly affect whether ethically and environmentally progressive countries will invest in Australia, such as European Union, Japan, Canada and the United States.

My knowledge of the timber industry and the necessity to act with environmental decorum and self-respect to encourage international investors as well as my connections with the Victorian DNRE and Ministers has placed me in ideal situations to look at government policy and administration of this policy. The spin off of this may be attracting foreign investment in hardwoods through a new form of synthetic hybrid hardwood, which would save ‘old growth’ forest and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and could have application in developing countries. I have connections with people in this operation known as ‘hybrid Australis’, which involved forest sustainability issues as a potential Kyoto forest – carbon sink. This project involved the United Nations.

I also investigated TSI health issues and quarantine talking to department heads and media representatives of CSIRO and Customs, as well as interviewing locals and small businesses on the islands. Quarantine policy and reform of quarantine practices with PNG were discussed to provide an immediate source of fresh fruit and vegetables safely to TSI.

I do have direct experience in production of a human rights report delivered to Commonwealth and State governments (the subject of a possible Masters thesis), furthermore I can demonstrate a capacity to deal with complex areas of the law, economics and tax finance and interpret them. Much of my time was spent reducing complex legislation and accounting information to simple English comprehendible by a layman. I also, through my media experience have dealt with issues of policy and in business have dealt with resource management including co-ordinating projects.

I have a very good appreciation of developing world social, economic, health and cultural issues, particularly in relation to government assisted projects and human rights. I lived on and around indigenous communities in TSI and Cape York for 6 months.

In Enligtenart I was entirely responsible for work output and I worked unbiased and independently to any organisation. My business prepared an Independent Human Rights study (75 pages) on alcohol abuse in Indigenous Communities which was sent to the Federal, Queensland and Northern Territory Ministers of Aboriginal & TSI Affairs or their equivalent involving international and constitutional legal issues, policy and reform under the Racial Discrimination Act and United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. There was consultation with a QC, a Professor of Law, ATSIC’s human rights lawyer and Ministerial advisors. Negligence in Tort by the government was analysed in depth. As part of the alcohol report Senate Committees, Hansard and parliamentary debate were researched to determine an interpretation of Special Measures under the RDA. There was personal field research and in depth analysis of health statistics and proposals and analysis of substitute methodologies to collect data in order to assess programme successes. An article relating to this was published in CCH Equal Opportunity Law newsletter in 2000. Another article was published in the now defunct TMMAG.COM at . It has been acknowledged by the Queensland Government as influencing the creation of the Fitzgerald Royal Commission in Cape York. This included an in depth analysis of public authority negligence in Tort and considered whether the RDA commissioner may be liable. This may become a Masters thesis that I was applying to JCU for through Malcolm Barrett, who I have spoken to in depth on this possibility (see appendix 1 and 3).

It was particularly noted, the lack of consultation with indigenous peoples, in formulating, assessing and implementing the results of most surveys (see Sherry Saggers and Dennis Gray Dealing with Alcohol, Camb. Uni. Press 1998). My report in some respects was no exception, bar the fact that apart from the field work, I attempted to attain indigenous assistance and it was very infrequently acted upon and this only with minimal interest and co-operation.

Criteria 3.

a) Demonstrated ability to run Project Eden as a charitable business and work in areas such as promotions, marketing, finance, grants and sales with external agencies who perform key roles in projects on an ongoing basis including dealing with political parties who may be willing to support this charity.

I started up a business in Canberra then Cairns that produced the internet magazine or intelligent person’s ezine called which covered social, environmental and political reform issues, tourism, alternative health and satirical literature. I taught myself webdesigning, internet marketing, business plan writing. I did a small business management course through NEIS. I computerised the business using Outlook, synchronised with Palm organisers, used MYOB and Quicken for the accounts and GST. I approached large and small ISPs to sell the ezine as content for their web portals. Media advertising and presentations to potential clients of the ezine was vital. Market research analysis was designed and conducted. Banner layouts and promotional articles were written for clients. A first edition was produced with extensive photography. Financial reasons caused the closure of this business. Hours were long and irregular.

TMMAG.COM internet magazine which I ran made connections to the Cairns tourist industry which have developed my skills in relation to marketing an enterprise, seeking investment and negotiating projects with the private sector, including the Cairns Regional Economic Development Corporation, Cairns, PDIS, and community art and writing groups such as Arts Nexus, Jute and others.

I have been extensively connected to non-governmental organisations. I assisted in charity work and with lobby groups, Joshua Tree Promotions, Special Kids, The Wilderness Society, Here for Life, Animal Liberation and Chose Cruelty Free, such as raising funds, and by giving tax and legal advice under the Equal Opportunities Act. I am experienced in dealing with difficult people and extremists through conciliation processes.

I have the ability to liaise effectively with stakeholders, particularly in relation to local government projects. I discussed the Report on indigenous alcoholism referred to in Criteria Two with community council clerk, ATSIC lawyers and Ministerial advisors as well as the ombudsman, liquor licensing authority, Professors of Law and a QC.

As part of my business in Melbourne I negotiated for community grants from local councils in relation to charitable photography exhibitions for schools, for instance one on rural indigenous village life in India that I had stayed at and was trying to assist through ‘Save the Children’ to help educate primary schoolchildren. This required me to liase extensively with government officials and attend council meetings, as well as complete and provide extensive documentation and forms.

I also made all contract and client negotiation in a small venture I made in the import/export business to help stimulate the local economy. Artefacts, paintings and handicrafts from Nepal, paper Mache and silk carpets from Kashmir, and silk and gems from India, which involved negotiating with antique merchants and artisans, attaining permission from the Nepal Bureau of Antiquities, handling air cargo in Nepal, customs in Australia, then Antique dealers and auctioneers. A contribution of profit went to missionaries doing international aid work. These plus numerous other projects required impeccable customer service and an ability to develop and maintain relations within and external to the business.

My business also was involved in selling my photography and artwork to law and other professional firms. Clients were contacted by phone and appointments made and deals negotiated. Excellence in sales service and management of these clients was required to gain entry into this niche prestige art place of the market. A database based on Outlook MS was developed and advertising brochures with scanned photography were emailed.

While in KPMG London, working as a Corporate tax consultant (senior) I had to ensure good relations with my clients who were industry leaders such as EFCO (U.S.), IHG/Beeson group, Howmedica., Colonia/Baltica UK Insur. group, Assitalia Insur. UK, and Oriflame Group. Some of these corporations are major international investors, and I had to understand their industry goals and policies, and develop solid partnerships with their internal accountants and managers. I had to talk to and meet these clients and supervise and manage staff to enable the revision of their tax computations.

In KPMG dealing with international arrangements for US companies paying tax on operations in the UK I had to talk to executives in America, where the highest standard of customer etiquette was required and immediate unprepared answers had to be given to, for instance, complex issues relating to depreciation of steel pipelines.

I have volunteered for the ACTGreens and the Australian Democrats doing campaign support work and promoting their organisation at University Orientation weeks and at Polling Booths, as well as attending General Meetings and reviewing/suggesting new policy. I now have serious reservations about these parties, though in principle agree with many of their general policies, but not the implementation and fine detail which in my opinion has not been properly considered. I was never a member of these parties.

b) A demonstrated awareness of a rawfood spiritual community development processes as they apply to diverse communities.

In 2002 I attempted to procure capital and investment for a health retreat based on the rawfoods diet, nudism and yoga. Scientific research supported by JCU was planned and preliminary research was conducted. Market study of potential clients and competitors was conducted. A preliminary business plan was produced and alternative health specialists, government and universities were approached for assistance. A basic design and sketches were produced of the premises, which was to be in remote rainforest. Potential land sites were located and discussions were entered into with the Envirofund and local council. Several meetings with interested parties were held. The Queensland Premiers department was sent a plan and as a result the Cairns Regional Economic Development Corporation became involved and NEIS. The project is currently on hold until funds for an in depth business plan can be obtained. The entire venture is estimated to cost in excess of $10 million. The venture is to be charitable.

Experience in overseas development work and knowledge or experience of the indigenous non-government development sector in Australia in order to promote Project Eden overseas and to indigenous people living near Cairns.

I lived in and close to Aboriginal and TSI Communities in Cape York and TS for 6 months, in particular Lockhart River and attempted to learn some of the language. I was also involved in discussions with the communities, council clerks, churches and government departments on alcoholism, native title, self-management and education. Issues such as women’s refuges, CDP, health and diet awareness, medical facilities, interaction with the local white community, eco-tourism, enterprises, purchase of leaseholds, and bilingual teaching were assessed.

I was producing, interviewing, writing, filming and editing a documentary for Optus community TV cable on social problems for TSI women divorced from European men. This expanded my appreciation for minority groups. I have also travelled extensively in the developing world and in Europe. In my Bachelor of Arts I studied Psychology attaining a high distinction and Modern Vietnamese and Chinese History attaining good credits, which has reinforced my skills in dealing with a diverse background of people. This has been invaluable in assisting me in business dealings and finding common ground between indigenous and foreign groups.

All these skills have assisted me in developing an awareness of the community development processes as they apply to diverse indigenous communities, Government and Private Sector clients.

In 2002 I was involved with the Canberra-Dili city friendship committee. This project involving the Chief Minister of the ACT and Chaired by ACT MLA Kerrie Tucker is endeavouring to provide grassroots community support to East Timor. I was asked to be involved with the sub-committee drafting a report to the ACT Government on funding and implementing this project.

I studied French for five years and German and Latin for two years. I have spent several months in France, Spain, Egypt and have been to many countries in the world. In two years in India I learnt basic Hindustani and know some Sanskrit. I am very much at ease with the indigenous Asian culture and way of life. I also know a few words of Japanese.

Criteria 4.

A demonstrated ability to operate in an emerging unmapped environment and respond rapidly to changing circumstances given Project Eden is a unique venture and world first experiment in medical health by showing investors and donors -

a) A demonstrated capacity to conduct legal and policy research relevant to encouraging investment in Project Eden, give sound advice on questions of law and tax, practice and policy and undertake administrative tasks. The capacity to interpret legislation, draft simple guides to statutory instruments and other documents relevant to creating and maintaining Project Eden, write long or short articles whether publicity or research on diverse issues and give high level advice to senior people in financial institutions, government and universities.

The report already completed on alcohol abuse demonstrates (through an analysis of the legal implications of human rights breaches and special measures under the RDA being negligently implemented) that I have sufficient research skills to undertake a Masters by research in Law, ipso facto an unchartered area.

I studied econometrics and accounting at Monash University. Apart from giving advice and researching law as a solicitor, while working at Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) as a Corporate tax consultant my responsibilities included giving advice, on CGT, rollovers, interest, dividends, fringe benefits, S.25, deduction and depreciation expenses. This often resulted in discussions with the department head, senior managers and partners. This necessitated an understanding of complex and highly technical legislation, economic concepts and policy and communicating these concepts to stakeholders.

Main achievements:

•writing sections of primary production tax manual, re income averaging, land degradation, water storage, repairs, lease vs. buy,
•IPS White paper advice on US position on formula's to assess transfer pricing
•S100A and Crimes Tax Offences Act advice on professional liability in transferring losses in a group
•SUPER preservation funds taxability
•McDonnell Douglas Joint Venture tax structure
•CGT vs S.25 Paccor capital lease and sale arrangements whether deemed a business

In KPMG I was required at monthly meetings of the entire Department to present explanations together with latest updates in complex legislative changes.

As a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria I have conducted and performed letters of advice, negotiations, pre-trial conferences, callovers, chamber summons, adjournment hearings, research, instructing counsel, drafting answers to interrogatories, affidavits, defences, counter-claims for bankruptcy petitions, liquidations, property fraud, defamation, copyright, medical negligence, personal injuries, debts, unfair dismissal, and acting as an agent for other solicitors. Leo Cussens Short Courses in Tax, Company and Civil Procedure Law have enhanced my practical awareness of court room tactics. I have later used these methods in business operations.
In 2001 I recommenced legal work briefly for private clients relating to the small claims tribunal, including representing a person in the family court using video link between Townsville and Cairns.

b) A demonstrated ability to deal with finances in particular tax issues in relation to investment into Project Eden, showing adaptability, innovativeness, sound judgement and effectiveness to deal with multiple tasks under varying workload and time pressures

I was in a team in KPMG whose tasks involved transferring group losses within company structures including drafting formula agreements for ACT group relief and carryback claims, and DTR, for a major investment group. I supervised drafting these agreements and co-ordinating deadlines and prioritising arrangements with clients and the Tax office. This entailed strict timetabling to meet compliance deadlines. Priorities and budget targets had to be set to win and keep clients. Initiative was required when clients' demands conflicted with prior instructions and this often occurred when clients were planning structural changes to their groups.
Preparing bills, justifying them to senior managers and recording in 6 minute blocks time spent on a client was required. I had to balance working full time with studying The Association of Taxation Income Institute exams (U.K.) and this required precise time management and maximum utilisation of exam preparation methods.

I have given capital gains tax advice on share transfers, property transactions, rollover relief, rebasing, including intra-group transactions. Often I was under considerable pressure to complete many tasks and give complex advice. Some of my best work was produced at these times. I had to have a good grasp of tax legislation to understand the context of these transactions and the motivating force behind these corporations’ tax policies

Criteria 5.

Basic sound knowledge of law, or the ability to quickly acquire a sound knowledge of, relevant legislation and procedures for Project Eden together with a demonstrated ability to interpret, analyse and implement policy and a capacity to contribute to policy development and represent Project Eden as an advocate.

Sound ability in the analysis, formulation, implementation and review of policy, program and/or resource management matters, as appropriate.

As owner of TMMAG.COM I educated myself in publishing law, especially in relation to defamation actions and the public interest. I also wrote contracts in relation to employment contracts, contracts with clients advertising and using TMMAG.COM and in particular protecting copyright based on CNNs internet site’s contracts.

I studied Company and International Law, achieved good credits in Criminal, Property and Trust law, and a distinction in Tax at University and found them challenging subjects. So I would not foresee any difficulties in my comprehension of the issues involved with commercial legal advice as I have consolidated a team in analysing legal resource information for the Human Rights report and in through extensive business planning including analysing outputs, funding capabilities and development programmes.

Financial research, maintaining compliance with statutory law and regulations and the impact of Government policy are areas where I have expertise. This would especially be the case where complex negotiations and legal documentation follows or is in tandem with a company policy decision. For instance I did drafting of commercial leases and checking provisions according to client's instructions. I have prepared commercial loans, mortgages, guarantees, promissory notes and letters of credit, including assisting in Bond Corp Gold 300 million dollar loan. This required an understanding of the investment banking sector and corporate economic policy as well as legislation.

I have done research and given policy and legal advice on employment and industrial law. I was in charge of property conveyancing and settlements of the Anglican Church Melbourne, executives and wealthy client's personal residences. I have also prepared and submitted trade mark applications and objections, and liquor licence applications. I handled, reporting directly to the head of property department a probate matter for an executor's commission. This involved extensive complex documentation covering a span of fifty years and preparation of Supreme Court affidavits and ancillary documentation.

As a solicitor I entirely managed the case and represented the manager of legal services National Mutual in an unfair dismissal tribunal proceeding involving sexual harassment, which succeeded in increasing the client's package from nothing to a lump sum tax deductible two months salary. At university I achieved high credits in Constitutional law and credits in Moot Court and Trial Practice and Advocacy. I have been accepted for a Masters of Law and was applying for a Masters of Law at JCU in relation to RDA, negligence and indigenous issues. I personally prepared the brief and instructed the barrister in court in a medical negligence action involving Queens’ Counsels.

I did conveyancing, litigation in personal injuries, workers compensation and commercial law at a friend’s law firm Lennon Settle in 1999.

As a volunteer community lawyer from 1996 to 1999, I educated members of the public in consumer rights, equal opportunities, contract, family, criminal and employment law. The Community Legal Centre work was mostly petty civil matters that were negotiated to a stage of settlement before needing to go to court or self-help advice that was given to the client to represent themselves or attain counsel. I have attended some court hearings but only as an observer. I extensively investigated going to the Bar in 2002 re-familiarising myself with court procedure and evidence law and was accepted for the Bar Readers course in Melbourne to read with Mark Robins.

Criteria 6.

Ability to present seminars to promote Project Eden because of a background in journalism and adult education, training and advocacy experience.

I travelled the world and slowly developed a social conscience. During 1993 in India I taught refugee Tibetan nuns English, and inspired by a famous English Vietnam war photographer whilst in Kashmir, attempted to become a freelance journalist and writer, reporting and interviewing undercover militant freedom fighters. I worked in the Canberra Times as a news reporter in 2000 and learned the basic skills of drafting and editing short print copy and objective reporting.

I completed a Diploma in Journalism 1996-97, followed by part of a Holmesglen Professional Writing Diploma in 1998. In these courses I learned the art of writing and simple communication. In India I taught refugee indigenous Tibetan nuns English. I have assisted in writing and communication workshops and courses. I taught human rights policy to my staff and liaised with academics, government and business in relation to journalist articles and a magazine I attempted to set up covering human and social rights issues.

I educated groups of developing writers, school students, social workers, public servants and lawyers in human rights issues in relation to indigenous abuse and legal remedies both in domestic and international law. This was conducted at an individual, seminar and lecture level at Lake Ginnandarra College and elsewhere in 2001 when I started a Diploma in Education specialising in SOSE or social sciences.

As a volunteer community lawyer I educated members of the public in consumer rights, equal opportunities, contract and employment law. I prepared curriculum resources for interactive lesson planning with the Internet on Ancient Greek Democracy also at Lake Ginnandarra College. I have given Seminars at University of Canberra on web design and the Internet as an educational resource. I completed this diploma in 2004 at Australian Catholic University and taught very briefly at Biloela High School in 2005 - legal studies year 11, business core theory year 11 and maths year 8 and 9. I visited alternative schools in New Zealand, Australia, India and USA in 2005-6 with a view to starting a school based on a yoga system the Experischool.

I also negotiated with the Department of Education, Distant Learning in North Queensland to provide educational aids to indigenous schoolchildren in the form of art and photography of the region to be used as tools for learning to read and comprehend questions. The publishing industry particularly in relation to education is a major growth industry. Australia’s high education profile (as a seller of this commodity) can only be expected to expand and therefore I structured my business so as to exploit correctly this potential market, and tried to combine this tendering with our hi-tech image. My connections to the Education Department could be useful in connection with training programmes on Project Eden school communities.

Criteria 7.

Demonstrated ability to learn new information technologies and the skill to manage websites relevant to Project Eden

Sound research and computer skills.

a. Computer skills:

I am skilled in Microsoft word, works, iphoto express, photoshop, access, publisher, printmaster gold, powerpoint and excel spreadsheets achieving 87 to 95 % in skill tests on Mac and IBMs. I extensively used Internet in researching articles and doing reports in my business. I used e-mail to conduct business operations, to interview clients and research. I am proficient at Outlook and using their planning system in conjunction with a Palm IIIc handheld organiser. I can use basic MYOB and Quicken accounting software.

I can touchtype 27 words per minute with 100 % accuracy.

I am teaching myself html programming and webdesign using Eversoft’s 1st Page 2000 Hardcore, but know Frontpage and Dreamweaver [ a copy for viewing of ezine is available on request]. Much of the webdesign work was done by myself or in conjunction with webdesigners.
We were working on a database based on cgi bin. This was to include password access and credit card payments. Pop up menus were being developed. Banner advertising was being used. Internet marketing using banner exchange, pyramid schemes, search engines, to gain hits was carried out or investigated. A photo gallery was being developed and I am expert at computer manipulating photos for the web. ISPs were approached to sell magazine content for their portals. Manipulation of their web site page to include tmmag content menu bars was part of the sales package.
My business had computers with printers, CD burners, Zip drives, webcam, natural keyboards, usb ports, scanners, all of which I can install and use.
Apart from this I was studying mathematics, physics, astrophysics and computer science at A.N.U. in 2000.

b. Ability to implement departmental policy and utilise information technology systems:

At KPMG I set up from scratch and ran the department’s taxadmin computer system, which controlled deadlines for preparation of returns, notices, objections, appeals and assessments. This required extensive follow up of managers, where deadlines had expired and they had failed to record their actions on the computer or more importantly had failed to act. I developed team leadership skills at KPMG as outlined above and below. I trained up my successor to the taxadmin computer system and produced an increase in productivity of departmental tax computations and an increase in tax advice.

The methodology of implementation developed by myself in conjunction with the Department Head, increased client satisfaction over the year of implementation. Our department led the 12 tax departments in efficiency in this area. All these administrative roles required developing congenial intercourse between within and external to the Departments. My experience in computer systems means I have the ability to analyse, interpret, consolidate and link legislation and policy in an information system. My computer literacy will mean I will understand computer software.

Criteria 8.

Develop Project Eden’s strategies and manage its consultancies and subsidiary departments.

a) A demonstrated ability to lead the Project Eden team and motivate staff, together with a sound knowledge of the principles and practices of individual performance management and an ability to implement a Performance Management Program.

a. Supportive and flexible CEO, team leader and worker.

At Enligtenart with our small team I constantly had to develop a thorough systematic practical plan in which output and cost-time factors were meticulously monitored to fit in with budget policy. Bonuses were paid for quality results which directly corresponded to increasing customers and the level of increase in client demand for return work. Alternative incentive schemes for team results were adopted, for instance a research journalist I employed was given an option over a book/film produced for her innovative way of interpreting my handwriting.

My personal assistant was offered a 15% partnership share on condition of remaining in employment for 3 years and building up a successful PR image for the firm and magazine. Fringe benefits in the form of lunches, holidays and group meditation sessions were instituted after lengthy dialogue and intricate negotiations. In this way we created and lived our dream for a better world, not just for us, but for all future employees.
In KPMG and my own business I have developed and implemented conflict resolution procedures between staff based on self analysis and open dialogue with a supervisor present. External contract negotiation for casual, temporary staff and sub contracted service providers has been an essential skill that I have developed in my business.

I was a member of the Food Cooperative, Self Organisation Committee, a group formed to implement and develop a management system based on co-operation and consensus through non-confrontation and self-assessment techniques to encourage group projects.

b. Knowledge of, and experience in, preparing, analysing and interpreting financial statements and reports, and statistical returns including a demonstrated ability to understand and analyse audit reports and accounting standards.

My knowledge of finance should prove invaluable in assessing the delivery of social, economic and corporate funding programs and projects. I was involved extensively in giving advice to large general insurance companies while in KPMG; in particular in regard to interpreting audit, accounting standards and formulas predicting future foreseeable losses on notional investment income, perpetual accounting periods, future prior year losses and negotiating interpretation of provisions with the IR on exchange losses on brought forward reserves and discounting on technical reserves. This involved extensive correspondence and discussions with the Tax Office and clients, where precise and excellent communication skills were essential and exceptionally complex legislation and accounting procedures had to be understood, applied and resolved. In KPMG and E&Y it was essential for me to ensure compliance and settling of any taxation disputes, checking corporate returns and notices of Objection to assessments.


Good appreciation of relevant spiritual, historical, social, economic and cultural issues to Project Eden including -

Sound research skills and knowledge of historical global development and environment issues and international human rights policy in the Australian and Asia Pacific region.

1. Sound research skills and knowledge of religious, mythological, social and cultural development in Society.

My extensive travels in developing countries include Africa, the Middle East and 2 years in India. I worked on aid projects, for instance teaching English to refugee Tibetan nuns, horticulture and building projects for ashrams, and recently working nursing the destitute with Mother Teresa’s Centre in Calcutta and my own individual efforts to feed beggars. So I have practical field experience of aid projects.

I have written many satirical short stories, poems, two books and a film. The books are being serialised in TMMAG.COM ezine and the last film script was assessed by the ABC and AFC as having merit.

The first book was an autobiography called Efil Ym 4891, a sort of history of the 60s to now told through a viewpoint of myself then and what I was going through in 1997 in Melbourne.

One of the books, The Christ of Klon, is a satire stemming from the research of the author of The Holy Blood the Holy Grail who I developed a relationship with in Qumran, Israel on a kibbutz where I was a volunteer working on a date plantation, whilst his archaeological team was searching for more Dead Sea scrolls. The book is about a journalist who is given a mystical manuscript that takes him into the secret order of Sion, across Europe and finally taking him beyond this world. Issues of Christian cultural conditioning and origin and social impact of modern historical methodologies of interpretation of past real and mythological events relating to the Knight Templars were analysed as was the impact of this, neo-fascism and the secret Order of Sion on Islam and destabilisation resulting in the developing worldÅfs nuclear arms race. Magical integration of myths into science fiction time travel vis a vie the TV series “Dr Who” and interdimensional gateways to other planes was encompassed in locating another star system with a planet called Klon in the region of Ophicius constellation. A planet destroyed almost completely by nuclear and biological war, yet which is intrinsically connected to Earth’s mythology and religion through Artemis and the Titans. To save our planet from destruction the hero must restore universal balance and help Klon from being taken over by the Templars. Another book is an autobiography examining my own experiences with that of current events in society, technology and politics from the 60s to the 90s.

I also drafted semi-fictional films. Both of my film scripts had as one of its central focuses the return of Jesus Christ. The first was about a group of hippie ferals who meet Jesus as they travel across the outback in an old combi van. Directed by shamanic dreams they are led into the nefarious environmental problems relating to Uranium mining. Issues especially in relation to spillage from tailings retention system dams and high grade ore containment sumps and the possible effects of groundwater contamination on the indigenous population were posed. This required research of Uranium mining operations in Australia and internationally, as well as liaising with environmental bodies, and investigating documentation relating to Olympic Dam, Ranger, Roxby Downs, Beverley and the Magela Creek. This experience has given me an extremely broad vision of life and society, as well as teaching me invaluable skills in planning, research, writing and organising a major project and analysing controversial issues of mining policy and its impact on indigenous culture / theology.

The other film script ‘The Return of Nothing’ is a comic religious art drama dealing with Jesus Christ’s second coming, going mad in modern western civilisation, being rescued by Tibetan monks and finding at last the truth through flashbacks to his first incarnation’s unrecorded years, 25-30 AD, travelling into Tibet as a failed Yogi from India. Issues synthesising theological and spiritual conflict between Buddhism and Christianity were analysed in depth in the broad base of Modern Materialism. This involved film and TV workshops with the Australian Writers Guild in script editing and preparing treatments for international film and TV directors and producers. The media and film industry is an area that I am now familiar with.

I have also written a satirical article on the conflict between Eastern and Western faiths in the context of an elderly Christian preacher and a feral drug addicted youth who found spiritual realisation in India. I have reviewed books on the media and cultural conditioning, and films dealing with terrorism, suicide, war, science fiction and drugs.

In a freelance article I researched, in depth, a human rights atrocity, analysing enquiry and court martial records and evidence in relation to My Lai in Vietnam. At issue was military command control implications and duty to educate soldiers on the internationally agreed Laws of War. This stemmed from a research project I had done at University in which I noticed Seymour Hersh’s correlation between the Phoenix operatives blacklist and members of the village. I contacted the division by Internet and interviewed members of the U.S. Army. The article has publicised funding for the ‘My Lai Peace Park’ and school. This article is of current relevance and indirectly addresses questions as to culpability in Solomons, Fiji, East Timor and the Middle East and has significance for the newly created ICC.

I have written freelance articles on human rights abuses in Kashmir and the legitimacy of Indian occupation there, including interviewing the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front’s Secretary-General and militants in Kashmir and at considerable risk to my own safety. Another article on the merits of prohibiting military ordinance (land mines) and the U.S. President's position was analysed from an historical perspective comparing Clinton to Julian the Apostate. These articles have been published on TMMAG.COM. International human rights as it effects minority indigenous groups is of great concern to me and I have significant experience with.

Recently has written alternative history scenerio short stories on WWIII and The Pilbara Fiasco.

2. SUMMARY Enligtenart 1996-2006

President and owner

∑ Business plan for new wealthy professionals magazine
∑ Telesales for photographic work, external telesales and customer service contracts for the Siddha Foundation, Salmat enviro-friendly electricity, Joshua Tree Promotion para-Olympians charity and Gold Express Vouchers
∑ Independent Report to Federal Minister on Indigenous human rights alcohol abuse
∑ Freelance investigative journalism and photo-journalism on environmental, consumer, international human rights and social issues
∑ Internet interviews, research and transmission of articles
∑ Script writing for Film/Mini-series with ABC TV.
∑ Writing Sci-fi fantasy novel and an Autobiography
∑ Enviro photo advertising campaign Mobil
∑ Negotiating government grants for Educational photographic exhibitions and video documentary
∑ Negotiating contracts for exhibitions with luxury resort and hotels
∑ Charity for disabled TSI children
∑ Landscape photography and painting; selling to major corporates and law firms
∑ Video documentary production for OPTUS Cable Community TV / Program reviewing Channel 31.
∑ Import business of handicrafts/gems from Nepal and India
∑ Training in alternative stress therapies - yoga, meditation, and colorpuncture
∑ Attaining finance, managing accounts and tax, secretarial support and PA.
∑ Adventure travelling and seeking Enlightenment
∑ Legal advice to charities
∑ Employing staff, including personal assistant and typists